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Production Safety

What Quality means for PERI

Quality Assurance and Control is a culture, which is lived along the production chain and is governed by the three following principles:

1. Failure reduction 

  • Quality and dimension check of material upon delivery and after each performed process step.

2. Self inspection 

  • Focus on critical aspects of the product and continous training ensures product knowledge.

3. People based quality 

  • Quality is a standard for ourselves



Third party checks

  • At PERI we Provide full documentation about our processes and fabricated material. Monitored by third party authorities we comply with international production standards such as:

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 specifies the minimum requirements for your QMS that have to be implemented in order to meet customer requirements and other demands on your product or service quality.


Issued by an independent and impartial body, NF Certification attests to the conformity of products and services with national, European and international normative documents such as standards and if applicable technical specifications for even higher level certification quality.


The DIBt issues general building inspectorate approvals for building products, general type approvals, European technical assessments and reports on compliance with building requirements.