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Biocel Paskov

Project data

Location: Paskov, Czech Republic

  • Extending and modernising the production of Biocelu Paskov
  • Construction of the soda waterdrain with commissioning at the beginning of the year 2013





  • Safe and comfortable working conditions for welding and insulating
  • The use of pure material - the tanks were treated with a durabel coating and were not allowed to be soiled in any way
  • Compliance with the timetable of the building


Biocel Paskov a.s.

Customer's benefit

  • Versatility of PERI UP Rosett Flex
  • High safety of work when assembling and using scaffolding
  • Compliance with the timetable of the event
  • Competent project support directly on the construction site 
Radim Sýkora
Managing Director

The tanks and especially the technical equipment with a large number of pipes constituted a great challenge for mounting scaffolding. With PERI UP Rosett Flex we have mastered the construction of scaffolding to the full satisfaction of our customer.

PERI solution

  • Detailed design of scaffolding from a logically assembled PERI UP Rosett Flex System module
  • Integration of PERI UP Rosett Flex stair towers into construction for easy access
  • Adaption through internal consoles and chequered steel floors with the possibility of removing and fitting floors as needed
  • Scaffolding construction without anchoring and STRUC, equipped with temporary roof