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What is the difference?

What makes PERI UP the better solution?

Industrial structures and in turn the corresponding scaffolding requirements are very different from normal facade scaffolding, especially in terms of safety and flexibility requirements. Unique access solutions are realized with standard components while built in safety features minimize risk of injury on site.

Simply Safer

No gaps, no tripping, no problem

At PERI we understand the special safety requirements of industrial job sites. No matter what application, our scaffolding system reduces gaps to a minimum, resulting in almost no plywood or lumber required. This drastically reduces the risk of tripping hazards compared to conventional scaffolding systems while also saving labor time. Our yellow toeboards are not only easy to install and offer superb edge protection, they also stand out visually, making it easy to spot from a distance if any are missing.

The Rosett

The Rosett is one of the key pieces in the system

The four large oval holes in the Rosett allows ledgers to be installed up to a 45 degree angle, while smaller adjacent holes are used to connect diagonal braces. At the same time the Rosett serves as a safe tie-off point.

Connection Points

Rosett – Ledger | Rosett – Diagonal | Ledger – Diagonal

Ledgers are simply dropped into place, thus significantly increasing the safety of the person installing them, as there is no second person required to manually secure the horizontal or insert the wedge as is the case with conventional scaffolding systems. Diagonal braces can be connected directly to the Rosett or to the ledger.

Diagonal Braces

Standard to standard and ledger to ledger diagonals

There are standard to standard diagonals that connect to the Rosett of the vertical post as well as ledger to ledger diagonals that connect to a hole in the ledger.


No wiring, no wasting time

While conventional scaffolding systems require decks to be manually secured or even wired, the PERI decks, much like the ledgers, are simply dropped into place. Hooks underneath the deck grab onto the ledger with no further action required to fasten them. Removal of the decks is achieved just as easily by lifting the hook, without the need to reach underneath the deck.

Flexible layout

Additional connections anywhere on a ledger allow flexible layout

Additional Ledgers and vertical posts can easily be installed anywhere on a ledger. This is achieved with ledger to ledger or ledger to standard connections and allows working around obstructions and being able to easily enclose them. Decks are 25 cm wide and just like the ledgers come in 25 cm length increments – as a result everything fits "into each other"