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The PERI Integrated Scaffold Program

From Pre-Planning to Resource Monitoring


PERI is more than a scaffolding manufacturer and supplier - our integrated scaffold program will help scaffolding contractors, EPC's and plant owners improve their planning processes, increase on-site safety, and save money. Click on the image on the left to watch the video or continue reading below.

The Integrated Scaffold Program

The PERI integrated scaffold program is our value proposition to you - it ensures that your project will be a complete success by considering a range of factors that go beyond simply offering an innovative product.

Safety Is Predictable

Mixing of scaffold components from various OEM’s is common industry practice but it is a major risk. Often not even OSHA inspectors can tell originals and copies apart. PERI's patent and non-compatibility with the most copied system on the market, along with guaranteed product Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) increases safety significantly. Click here to learn more about the risks of mixing OEM components.

Accurate Estimating

PERI provides detailed scaffolding target estimates based on actual design. The target estimate will detail the scaffold requirements (i.e. equipment, labor, and cost) by work package and work area. All options are explored in advance. 3D modelling enables the visualization in advance. This increases cost certainty and predictability and also facilitates the quantification of scaffold material.

Cost Certainty

The added value of design and planning drives a reduction in equipment required. This also translates to fewer craft hours expended, as scaffolding will not be taken down and erected over and over for different contractors with different requirements.

Monitoring and Managing Scaffolding Costs

PERI Path software provides accurate crew performance metrics that aid in supervision and cost forecasting. Actual crew performance against estimated work hours can be reviewed to take corrective actions long before significant budget overruns occur.

Strong Partners

Our cooperation with dedicated subcontractors that are exclusively specialized in using PERI material ensures the most efficient operations.


We have strong training partners to ensure self performed scaffolding yields the best results.