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PERI History of scaffolding and formwork

Milestones of our company

Embark on a journey with us through the eventful history of the company. Our corporate development is characterized by progressive formwork and scaffolding products as well as fascinating buildings.


PERI is founded and the first production hall is built on the 6,000 m² company premises in Weissenhorn.

Artur Schwörer founds the company PERI together with his wife Christl. The company's aim is the rationalization of building with concrete. Construction work is meant to become easier, faster and safer. The first production hall is built in Weissenhorn. It all started with the T 70 (T for "Träger" the german word for girder). The girders were impregnated by hand with a sponge over a plastic tub and directly loaded on the waiting truck. The annual output was about 50,000 linear meters

Formwork at PERI - Where we are coming from


GT 24 wooden lattice girder as a further development of the T-70 V

GT 24

The wooden lattice girder GT 24 offers flexibility, a high load-bearing capacity and rigidity.

Few different components and, in particular, the universal BFD alignment coupler which can be operated with one hand, ensure quick and easy forming operations with TRIO.

TRIO Panel Formwork

TRIO is very versatile and efficient in its use - from residential construction and multi-storey structures through to applications in infrastructure projects.

SKYDECK for easy and safe assembly. The panels lock in place in the teeth and don’t sway anymore. Also unskilled staff can learn to handle it very quickly.

SKYDECK Slab Formwork with drophead system

PERI introduces the lightweight SKYDECK Slab Formwork at bauma 1992. It is designed with a drophead system and allows for early striking so that the on-site material requirements can be reduced.

PERI DUO job site Malaysia

DUO Lightweight Formwork

PERI presented the worldwide novelty DUO for the first time at bauma 2016. The DUO system formwork is characterized by its low weight and extremely simple handling.

Scaffolding at PERI - Within Industry and Construction

Chevron Phillips Cedar Bayou Ethane Cracker, Baytown, USA: PERI’s Integrated Scaffold Program (ISP) was a key factor in selecting PERI UP Rosett Flex Industrial Scaffolding to provide temporary support and access for this $5 billion EPC expansion project.

PERI provided over 1.500t of scaffolding material to FLUOR on the NWR construction site and helped reduce assembly time through competent on-site project support, detailed 3D scaffold planning and close cooperation with all project partners.

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The world's first climbing scaffold


PD8 Shoring
KGF 240


ST 100


ACS Self-Climbing System

KGF 240 Climbing Scaffold increases the safety and work speed at the jobsite

PD 8: With the frame heights R 150 and R 110, as well as the large spindling lengths, each height is continuously adjustable up to the maximum.

The PD 8 system can be quickly adapted to accommodate different slab heights as well as being lowered for moving under large beams.

Power plant Belchatow, Poland - The modular MULTIPROP system and the ST 100 stacking towers were ideally combined. Rentable SRZ and SRU steel walers taken from the VARIO wall formwork programme were used for load distribution.

The ST 100 Shoring Tower has been designed for fast assembly and dismantling according to the stacking principle.

ACS V can be adjusted to accommodate forward and reversed-inclined piers and pylons. Regardless of the angle of inclination, the working platforms are always in a horizontal position.

The range of ACS self-climbing variants for facades, building cores, shaft structures as well as inclined bridge pylons make the construction of high concrete structures extremely fast, cost-effective and safe.


Multiprop system is the first shoring system in aluminium


PERI UP Rosett

Introduction of PERIs first modular scaffold


PERI enters the industry segment

Cartagena, Spain


PERI UP Flex with new decking system

The PERI shoring concept for the transfer of high loads was based on standardized construction kit systems: MULTIPROP, HD 200 and VARIOKIT. The required access technology is generated with the PERI UP modular scaffolding system.

MULTIPROP carries significantly higher loads whilst, at the same time, has a very low dead weight. 

PERI UP Rosett Flex Modular Working Scaffold: The rosette on the standard allows for connections up to 45°. The nodes at spacings of 50 cm also provide connection possibilities in all directions.

The modular scaffolding can be optimally adapted to suit virtually any local conditions. With the self-securing ledger connection on the rosette and the integrated protection against lifting in the decking, PERI UP Flex can be mounted extremely quickly.

The PERI Up Modular Scaffold was used as an access solution in an industrial project for the first time.

The Modular 25cm grid deck layout makes working on a PERI UP Platform safer and prevents accidents from happening. 


PERI UP Easy is introduced at bauma2013


PERI founds own software company CENTRIO GmbH


PERI expands its digital expertise.


PERI opens new production site

Maximum range of applications - Combination possibilities with PERI UP Flex system components

PERI UP Easy replaces the Frame "T" Variant. It is a lightweight among the steel facade scaffolding systems and stands for quick and simple assembly.

The PERI owned company CENTRIO, offers sustainable IT solutions for the digitalization of jobsite processes.

Through development of digital solutions like visualization, BIM, 5D modelling and scanning, PERI strives to improve customer experience along the value chain.

The new production site in Günzburg, Germany is the latest, ultra-modern factory for scaffolding systems that also includes galvanizing plant.


PERI UP Flex 2nd Generation

PERI UP Flex 2nd Generation weighs 20% less with full compatibility.