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PERI Scaffolding Safety Features

PERI Ledgers VS. Conventional Ledgers

PERI Ledger

PERI Gravity Lock: As soon as the ledger is placed on the Rosett, the wedge automatically falls into place, instantly securing the ledger against falling. This feature is called the gravity lock and does not only increase safety but also labor productivity as it goes together a lot faster.

Conventional Ringlock System

Ringlock: On conventional ringlock systems the ledger is not secure until the wedge has dropped into the ring, this is typically a manual process performed by a second person. While faster and safer than Cuplock, Ringlock type systems still have room for improvement.

Conventional Cuplock System

Cuplock: Conventional cuplock systems do not securely hold the ledger in place until the cup is locked, this can be a safety concern when there are several ledgers in one cup. In addition, it is not immediately visible from a distance if the cup is locked which can be a potential safety hazard.

PERI Decks VS. Conventional Decks

PERI Deck Layout

Flexible Layout: PERI Decks and ledgers are available in 25 cm increments. This allows to easily frame and deck around obstacles. It also saves labor time compared to using timber to cover gaps.

Conventional Deck Layout

Conventional Decks often lack the flexibility to go around obstacles, resulting timber being used to close the gaps. In addition to creating a tripping hazard this method also slows down labor productivity drastically.

Securing a PERI Deck

Automatic Lock against lift-off: PERI Decks feature a lock against lift-off – the integrated hook automatically slides into place, securing the deck to the ledger, as the deck is being installed from above or below.

Securing a Conventional Deck

Wiring Decks: Conventional decks need to be secured or wired manually. This can increase the risk on site, as it is not always immediately apparent if all decks have been secured or not. Also, if wired, the wire itself creates additional exposure to risk.

PERI Toeboards VS. Conventional Toeboards

Falling objects can be a major risk on any site, therefore adequate edge protection is required. PERI Toeboards are lightweight, stackable, easy to carry and are placed in seconds. Multiple sizes and connections allow the flexibility to safely protect almost any configuration.

Conventional systems are often heavy with limited flexibility and therefore typically rely on additional lumber to protect the edge against falling objects. As with the decks, the more sawing on-site, the greater the exposure to the associated risks.